Let’s See Jaipur, India. – By Bolaji Alonge.

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Jaipur, the capital of the largest city (in term of Size) of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India.

It was founded on 18 November 1726 by Maharaja Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amer after whom the city is named. As of 2011, the city has a population of 3.1 million, making it the tenth most populous city in the country. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City of India.


Amer Fort

Located 260 km (162 miles) from the Indian capital New Delhi, Jaipur forms a part of the west Golden Triangle tourist circuit along with Agra (240 km, 149 mi). Jaipur is a popular tourist destination in India and serves as a gateway to other tourist destinations in Rajasthan such as Jodhpur (348 km, 216 mi), Jaisalmer (571 km, 355 mi) and Udaipur (421 km, 262 mi). -Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Pink in the city of Jaipur was something I looked and couldn’t find, looked more like clay red to me, but sometimes I really dont trust my eyes..

Enjoy some of the photos:


Cool Guru


Downtown Jaipur


Ancient Karma Sutra Murals (Amer Fort)


Some Rad Indian Combination (Elephant and Tricycle)


‘Blow Horn’ A common sight in India



Women of Jaipur, Celebrating Rajasthan Day



Amer Fort


Camel Man.. Camels in Jaipur are remarkably huge.





Those men actually played some Micheal Jackson Songs too..

I’ll recommend visiting India any time… Its an experience that stays with you..


Bolaji Alonge is an Artist, International Photographer and Journalist from Lagos, Nigeria who has been traveling the world for the most parts of the last decade documenting exotic cultures, participating in experiences, Tourism, Networking, exchange of ideas and information that sometimes books and the internet do not offer. The aim is to document history, telling the African story from the African eyes using Photography predominantly and also bringing the world to Africa.

He conducted a successful Photo Exhibition themed, “Eyes Of A Lagos Boy”at the prestigious Freedom Park, (A former Colonial Prison) in Lagos in May 2017.

All Photos by ARL for awefirm.org

Awefirm © 2017 . All Rights Reserved.

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