Turbulence of Liberalism 2016

Eyes of A Lagos Boy

aro Photo By ARL

Here we go again… It’s been a terrible year and that happens to be the mantra almost everywhere, but again I ask myself, could it be a reflection of my own personal experience and tragedies in the year I am trying to project on the world? 

Could it be that for the reason that some really set goals I had failed to achieve on a grand scale and my like is attracting likes of the same beaten miserable and soiled souls? As the African saying goes.. ‘On the day of the death of the monkey, all tree branches become slippery’.

Could it be a domino effect of a worst case scenario gone bad? Definitely, we see a chain reaction, a strange pattern and things are just all not adding up in the state of the affairs of the world. On the one hand again it does add…

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