Nervana on stage

As a fan of the defunct US Rock band Nirvana, everything about the band and its members fascinates me in a different way. Sitting in a speeding car on my way to Hoensbroek, South of the Netherlands, its quite understandable that I was going to break my neck stretching to see the little advertising board by the side of the road. I was able to make out what it was as it flew by, identifying the iconic ‘NIRVANA’ font advertising a Tribute Show and it turned out to be a few hours from when I saw I not so far away from where I stay.

Since the unfortunate passing of its lead vocalist and Guitarist, Kurt Cobain in April of 1994 and the Band already crumbling shortly before. Its been a soaring success for Nirvana over the years. Dave Grohl , the Drummer is carrying on with the spirit of Grunge,  his band, The Foo Fighters have been hugely successful at it. Krist Novoselic , the Bassist moved on to a private life and is tinkering with Politics these days. Not forgetting Pat Smear another Guitarist who joined them much later.

Nirvana has gone from just a band of boys in their parents basement in Aberdeen, Seattle to a Worldwide phenomenon, Movement and the voice of a generation to the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as it was inducted in 2014.

As it was, I found myself at the concert venue, a comfortable Bar with a Stage and a Dance-floor on the side.

Nervana on Stage

The Nirvana Tribute Concert, by a cover band called Nervana was a fantastic show in my opinion, the voicing and wailing were accurate. Tracks like Lithium, Sliver, Rape Me, Even In His Youth, about a girl and many more were perfectly and also creatively rendered. Even the group leader looked a lot like Kurt Cobain resurrected, dude even plays the guitar left, that I find super rad. The atmosphere was electrifying and of course ear banging loud as fans dance away.

Met with a group of loving, happy people, we were all singing to the lyrics and enjoying every moment with our NERVANA blasting songs from ‘those years’..

I could guess many of the Nirvana Fans around me are in their late 30s and 40s. It then hit me like a train that those of us that smelled the Teen- spirit as teenagers and a little above in the early/mid 90s are getting old. I am sure we are beginning to sound like our parents always loving their 1960s/70 music and telling us that music died long ago with their generation.

Enjoy the short video below. (Ps note: Its loud)




-Bolaji Alonge  (Nov 2016)

 Photos by: ARL For

Awefirm © 2016 . All Rights Reserved.


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